Benefits of Concrete Curbs

Why should you install concrete curbs? Every property owner needs to maintain some type of edging to keep their garden and lawn separate.  Until now, most property owners have used wood, plastic, brick, stone or heavy ready-made sections made of pre-cast concrete for their lawn edging and garden borders. Considerable time and effort has to be taken to prepare and lay any of these options evenly and properly.

Still there are many problems with these traditional borders, such as wood rotting, plastic brittleness, irregularity and movement of brick, stone and concrete sections and discolouration

Also, the biggest complaint with traditional lawn edging is their rigid straight line contour limitations and blandness of appearance.  Garden owners also have to regularly dig and trim these areas to keep an edge between their flower beds and lawn.

With our concrete curbing DANDY CURBS can eliminate all that stress and take the edge off by installing some edge!


Concrete Curbs by Dandy Curbs


•Concrete curbs are Eye-catching and provide you with a distinctive new look and lasting beauty.

•Our concrete curbing Greatly improves  your overall landscape appearance.

•Color and style selection of our garden and lawn edging compliments the architectural style of homes and buildings.

•Landscape curbing easily accommodates circles, bends, straight lines, right angles, etc…

•Concrete curbing is durable and permanent—doesn’t move, rot, separate or lose its luster when run over by mowers.

•We provide a Fast, clean installation of your landscape edging.

•You’ll save time on trimming and weeding while keeping garden neat and tidy.

•Garden edging borders existing beds without disturbing landscape.

•Dandy Curbs concrete curbing Increases property value.


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